People Tried to Force Me to Give Away My Cat Because It’s Black

What to do when a black cat crosses your path? I say, go pet it.

An adorable black cat in a curled up position, sleeping on the couch. This is the author’s image.
Author’s image of her cat sleeping in a curled up position

How I Rescued My First Kitten

“I was plotting for this day for so long!” I thought to myself when I saw a stray black cat running on the street when a couple of my neighbors were trying to catch her. The road was storming with traffic.

Should I Call it Racism?

Not exactly.

Black Cats Deserve a Chance

That being covered, black cats were worshipped and considered divine in early Egyptian times. Some parts of Europe and Japan consider black cat sightings as good omens and signs of prosperity.


Most sensible individuals, including me, consider it a good thing when a black cat enters their house. As someone who owns and adores a black cat, there’s no such thing as bad luck. Yes, she does appear scary at night but in a cute non-creepy way. Black cats are the black panthers of the cat family.



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